Our Services

Consultancy Services

Application of supply chain management strategies gives an organization a competitive edge. Greater impact is realized when it takes cognizance of an organization’s context. Recognizing this fact sets an organization towards one of the most desired performance outcomes, which is ‘getting it right the first time’. Our consultancy services, which cover a broad range of supply chain areas, seek to establish a relevant connection between leading solutions and an organization’s context.

Procurement Agency

Management of procurement processes and projects has experienced continual change in recent years. Most of the change has followed best practices developed as the function gained greater recognition for its value generation potential. One of the practices is outsourcing whole or parts of a procurement process of an organization where clear gains are demonstrated and potential risks are thoroughly assessed. We have set up focused teams to effectively and efficiently deliver leading procurement performance to our clients based on clearly defined agreements.

Training & Workshops

Developing critical and general staff competencies is a strategic imperative for most organizations. In fact futuristic organizations thrive on constantly assessing competencies that sustain their performance. In order to address this need, we organize various training programs and workshops modelled around key competencies that are critical for supply chain operations.

Supply Chain Research

Research is an important aspect of managerial decision-making, especially in the dynamic area of supply chain management. Organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of using rigorously gathered and analyzed data in decision-making and evaluation. The need for basing supply chain management decisions on relevant, accurate and current information is being accentuated by uncertainties facing most organizations in a globalised business environment characterized by continuous change. In response to this imperative, we offer supply chain research services, capitalizing on our broad exposure and insight into diverse supply chain issues. Most of our research projects are initiated through our proposals to organizations, although others are requested by clients.