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Tender processes are a widely used approach in the procurement of goods and services especially for public spending. They are accepted internationally as sufficiently tested to deliver on key procurement obligations. Except where market mechanisms have been affected, organizations employing rigorous tender processes enjoy great advantages and reduce certain risks considerably. The processes facilitate the convergence of important factors under which to procure.

Tender Processes are essentially premised on principles and regulations. Whilst the principles are common around the world, regulations may vary from one country to another or from one organization to another. In general however, the tender processes are uncomplicated and easy to adopt. It is common that when organizations are compared on tendering aspects, glaring differences are observed in their performance. A number of factors may account for these differences, the most usual being the assumption that ‘activity is accomplishment’. Some organizations are settled just running the tender routine without placing due attention to critical inputs into the process that yield the best outcome from it.

Thorough knowledge of the processes is therefore a treasure for organizations. This can both be attained and maintained through continuous training of procurement personnel and Tenders Committee members. In order to meet this critical need in limited time available to organizations, we have developed well rounded one day workshop for individuals and organizations covering Tenders Principles, Processes and Instruments.

Click here to view information on our next Tenders workshop.

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